Taj Life is an abstract strategy game similar to chess and checkers. The Human (meaning you) and Robot players take turns playing moves. Human and Robot board Pieces are colored differently. Instead of moving Pieces, you press empty Cells in Taj Life. The Piece shapes don't have any significance.


Move by pressing an empty Cell next to a friendly Piece. The empty Cell becomes a friendly Piece. A Life-like Rule then applies to the surrounding Moore neighborhood of 12, 8, or 6 neighboring Cells. Cells that birth or survive become friendly Pieces. Pieces that die become empty Cells. Repeating a Board position in a Game is not allowed.


Win by eliminating or surrounding all opposing Pieces. You lose if it is your turn and you can't move. Mathematically, the game Board is a torus due to periodic boundary conditions that glue the bottom edge to the top edge and the right edge to the left edge. Taj Life rates your play in the real time Monitor above the game Board.


Press Home to open the Taj Life menu. Press menu buttons to open popover dialogs. Use the Settings and Colors popovers to customize your game. Press Dismiss or swipe down to close popover dialogs.


Level = Fair is an evenly matched game. Level = Champ is the hardest level. Grid chooses the dimensions and tiling pattern on the Board. If you like a challenge, try some of the larger, triangular, or hexagon grids. Demo and Hints toggle an automated demo and helping hints. You can speed up the Demo by pressing the screen.


Advanced players can use the Rules popover to define and Edit new Life-like Rule's using Golly Notation. The History popover is an interactive chart displaying how well you play over time. Author, Credits, and Privacy popovers will be obvious. The shine on the newly polished gems are Astroid curves .

Pentagon Piece

Round Piece

Heptagon Piece

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